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Hi my name is Alexandra, I come from 15 years of cheerleading and fitness experience, with a certification in personal training and sports nutrition. At the beginning of my fitness journey, I was so intimidated to go to the gym because I never knew how to workout on my own until I hired a personal trainer for myself; this is what inspired me to become a personal trainer. My goal is to help my clients not only achieve their fitness goals but to help them feel more confident in the gym and to reach their full potential. 

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Working from home meant we could vary snack and coffee breaks, change our desks or view, goof off, drink on the job, even spend the day in pajamas

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    Hello my name is Victor Ames I’m pumped and excited to start at self made training facility, some background on my fitness I played football in high school and still play recreational flag leagues and love playing basketball and parks or in indoor gyms whenever I get a chance I’ve been a trainer for a year now but have worked out ever since I was 17 years old it has been a lifestyle ever since I love powerlifting but I specialize in weight loss and nutrition for my clients I love keeping high energy during our workout sessions and will even get in and knock a few sets out with you because we are in this together I look forward to working with each individual so we can all live a better lifestyle!